Project Information
Initial reforestation project across 3,500 hectares (scaled up to 7,500 hectares) of private degraded land
PDD under development with approved Methodology ; AR-AM0001”Reforestation and Degraded Land” Estimate of 124,000 tons CER’s per year
Reforestation will be focused on Paricá and Açai Palm species
Monitoring plan and GIS analysis will be gathered with our key partners for the project

Project Benefits
Reforestation of already degraded land
Collaboration to the Brazilian objective of reducing 40% of carbon emissions by 2020
Reforestation for bio-energy feedstock to supply Breves oil and biomass energy plant
Job and income generation for the local communities

Key Partners
Winrock International
The University of Georgia
Instituto Amazônia Sustentável
Ecomapuá Conservação Ltda