Bio Assets : Creating Value From Nature WE INVEST IN CARBON & BIODIVERSITY ASSETS WE FUND RENEWABLE ENERGY & SUSTAINABLE BIOFUEL PROJECTS We create value by protecting the Amazon


Sustanaible returns

Focus on transactions on a value-added basis with maximized sustainable returns and environmental impacts

Targeted sectors

Focus on targeted asset-rich projects related to energy (biomass, hydro, solar, thermal and wind), land use (sustainable agriculture & timberland) and forest conservation (REDD+)

Strategic Alliances

Development of local and international strategic partners to develop, implement and operate the project pipeline. Global collaboration with advanced technological and scientific partners in conducting studies on remote areas in the Amazon Forest

International Partnerships

Establish partnerships with Major International companies to maximize sustainable projects returns

Forest Conservation

Prospecting and development of opportunities in renewable energy, forest conservation such as REDD+ Projects and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)

Strategic Acquisition Opportunities

Identifying strategic acquisition opportunities related to targeted sectors in Latin America. Identifying value creation through the critical analysis of the underlying assets, including a detailed ESG evaluation of all targets

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