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  • Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)

    We developed and implemented a large-scale FSC-certified sustainable forest management project in privately owned land in Marajo Island-PA (Amazon rainforest). This area initially consisted of 45,000 hectares of potential harvestable area, which has since been extended to 100,000 hectares. The primary revenue stream is solid timber, and biomass is also harvested for energy production.
    Our deforestation project has grown from 3,500 hectares to 7,500 hectares of private degraded land. Reforestation efforts focus on Parica and Açai palm species.
    This project has allowed the deforestation of degraded land, extension of a carbon sink, establishment of a bio-energy feedstock to supply Breves oil and a biomass energy plant, and income generation for local communities.

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Rua Drausio, 193 Sala 3

Sao Paulo, SP CEP 05511-010 Brazil

Contact: + 55-11-3032-7059


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